Francis Jones

Francis Jones


Francis is a criminal practitioner both defending and prosecuting. He believes that any case is serious as it potentially can lose someone their rights, reputation or liberty.

As a consequence he has conducted cases from a serial killer to smoking on the train. The serial killer was Kieran Patrick Kelly who Francis represented in 5 trials at the Old Bailey. The smoker was Peter Boddington and the case went from the Magistrates to the Divisional Court and the House of Lords. Boddington v British Transport Police (1999 2AC) changed the law. DPP v Bugg was amended and a person may now challenge any by-law or sending legislation upon the grounds of reasonableness in any criminal court.

In R v Lewis and others (The Times Nov 4 1999 CA), the judge had sentenced Mr Lewis to imprisonment and also 6 others for contempt of court. Before the prison van arrived at the prison, Francis had them released by the duty High Court Judge and the Court of Appeal the next week confirmed that all should be released and that the Crown Court Judge had acted wrongly. See Archbold chapter 28.

In R v Wong [2005] for Archbold News 1 CA, the Court of Appeal confirmed the submission Francis made that if there is no witness summons or witness order, no offence is committed if a witness deliberately fails to attend the trial.

Francis Jones also has specialist knowledge and experience in the laws and regulations of housing associations and care services.