Paul Hobson

Paul Hobson


Paul is an experienced criminal practitioner who acts for the prosecution and defence.

He has been instructed in many high profile cases including for the prosecution in R v. Mark Bridger (the April Jones murder case) and for the defence in R v. O’Sullivan – defending the chief executive of Caerphilly County Council on a charge of misconduct in public office.

He has been a category 4 prosecutor for the CPS since 2010 and is an accredited pupil master.

In 2019 he was appointed as a Recorder.

Further examples of Paul’s work include:

R v SG – defence of a police officer accused of misconduct in public office.

R v Y – defence of a 12 year old girl for supplying class A drugs – resulting in a fatality.

R v RB – defence of a 17 year old defendant for the brutal murder of his step-mother with an axe and sword.

R. v X – leading the defence team for a defendant accused of raping his natural daughter and fathering 6 children by her – one of whom he went on to rape. The case involved the control of victims by the use of a false medium.

R. v MA – defence of prison officer charged with misconduct in public office as part of Operation Elveden – the investigation into tabloid newspapers bribing officials for new stories.

R v FL – prosecution for manslaughter of a husband who strangled his wife.

R v Z – prosecution of a defendant for sexually abusing and raping four of his step-children over many years. 

R v DB – prosecution of sexual abuse case where the offences were committed in the 1950s.

R v D and V – prosecution of husband and wife for the theft of £500,000 in cash from their employers.